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8 Week Booty Builder Program

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How I built my booty! I have put together an eight week plan for people of all levels of experience to work towards building a bikini ready booty. Included in this program is a detailed three day a week booty workout program. There are weekly progressions, logs to track progress, This book has three different ways of running the routine, bodyweight only (with no equipment needed), with a single kettle bell (dumbbells and medicine balls work too), as well as an a method for using free weights such as an olympic barbell. Most folks could use this program three times in a row: do eight weeks with body weight, progress to 8 weeks with a kettle bell and then eight weeks with barbell lifts. All and all you could run this program for 24 weeks!

We offer three different booty builder packages. The first option is the book with all three plans, an explanation of the program, the exercises, detailed weekly workouts as well as logs to track your progress. The second purchase option includes weekly coaching emails. This allows us to work with your on your progress, keep you on track, answer questions and offers solutions within the program for success. The final option is a full coaching program for the 8 weeks, this includes an initial and mid point phone call, custom tailoring of the program, diet and meal planning.

I've also put together a video on all the exercises I talk about in the book