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Law Enforcement Physical Test Preparation Guides and Coaching Packages

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This is a six week program designed to get candidates ready for Law Enforcement Physical Ability Tests (PAT). This program has three weekly workouts (with a bonus strength day), all designed to increase your fitness, endurance and strength in the areas needed to successfully pass the events commonly seen in PT tests. The focus of this program/E-Book is to improve the 1.5 mi run, sprint, push ups and sit ups. With programming to help with pull ups, wall hurdle (via dips) and dummy drag. This program includes logs to track your progress.

Brooks Laughlin has over 11 years of experience as a police officer, range master and SWAT Operator in Washington State. Brooks spent five of these years assigned full time to the training unit with his department.  During this time he helped proctor the entry level for the agency numerous times, as well as took new officers down to the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission for the Academy entrance PAT test.  During this time he saw common pitfalls and developed strategies to help candidates be successful.

We offer three different packages, with custom online coaching available too.  The first option is the book with an explanation of the philosophy, tips for success, how to adapt it to your test, detailed weekly workouts as well as logs to track your progress. The second option includes weekly coaching emails.  This allows us to work with your on your progress, keep you on track, answer questions and offers solutions within the program for success. The final option is a full coaching program for the 6 weeks, this includes an initial and mid point phone call, custom tailoring of the program, diet and meal planning.

Fire Department Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) Preparation 

Amanda Laughlin spent six years as a volunteer Firefighter. Amanda has specific exercises and ways for clients to prepare to pass the eight events of the CPAT.  As a smaller framed female she discovered the need to strategize in a unique and fun way to prepare for the strength and endurance needed to be successful for when she took and passed the CPAT.